Sunday, July 24, 2011

With a Little Help From My Friends

Lots of prep still going on for our trip to Swaziland. I've been busy sewing shorts, skirts and dresses for the kids at the carepoints we will be visiting. There are about 150 kids at each carepoint so it's a pretty big job. Thankfully we have a great group of women from all over the country working on this and it's been really cool to be in contact with others that are passionate about these kids!

As I've said before, asking for money or donations for myself has been an uncomfortable part of this journey for me. It feels very awkward because we have what most would call a very comfortable life. We have a house, 2 cars, 3 healthy kids and food on the table. But I have no shame in asking for help for the people we will be visiting in Africa. Take a look here to see if there are any ways for you to help contribute:

Hygiene Packs - We are collecting hygiene items for the kids. A hygiene pack would include (in a ziplock bag, preferably)
1 toothbrush
1 toothpaste (big or small)
1 small lotion (travel size)
1 comb
1 bar of soap (for under age 10) or deodorant (for older than 10)
1 washcloth

School Packs - (in a ziplock)
$5 towards a backpack
5 or more Pencils (not colored)
1 Pencil sharpener
1 thin spiral notebook (the 70 sheet is good)
1 box of crayons (for under age 10) or calculator (for older than 10)

Socks and undergarments - All items must be NEW. Socks of all sizes are needed; from little feet to mens sizes. Preferably in white, black or gray (because that is what they're allowed to wear to school.) Underwear in all sizes too - nothing too flashy and no weapon or skull prints. Bras of all sizes - again, nothing flashy...just the basics. All of these things would be great to look for in the clearance section!

Medicine - children's liquid medicine (cough medicine, tylenol, pepto, immodium, cold & flu), neosporin, gauze, band-aids, and sanitary pads.

$ to go toward school uniforms - Education is key for these kids. They have to have specific uniforms to go to school. We need to raise around $4,500 if we want to have uniforms and shoes for the kids at just ONE of the carepoints.

T shirts - You can go to Danielle's blog and purchase a t shirt. $25 includes your shirt, shipping, and a shirt for one of our Bheveni kids too!

It seems overwhelming as I type all of the needs out here... but I know that we can collect it. Would you be willing to help? If you have donations of any kind please let me know and I will gladly come pick them up!

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