Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tom Petty was right

The waiting is the hardest part
Every day you see one more card
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part

The last couple of weeks have flown by in a blur. I'm still having a hard time figuring out which day it is when I wake up in the morning. Probably because Greta has had me up several times a night, I suppose.

Her surgery and hospitalization for pneumonia only lasted 4 days but it seemed like weeks. I have a new found respect for what parents of kids with medical issues have to go through. I can't imagine having to live through that on a regular basis. You sit and watch your "baby" lay in a hospital bed...thinking how you would do anything to change places with them... and wait. Wait for them to get better but prepare yourself for them to get worse. Wait for the nurse to bring the next dose of pain medication because they are writhing. Wait for the lab tech to come in and poke them again. Wait for test results. Wait for the doctor. Wait for the monitors and IV pump to alarm. Wait. Patience is a virtue but in this situation it certainly wasn't one of mine.

Just like when you yourself are sick, your own world stops when your child is sick. Unfortunately the world around you does not. Shift changes happen and those people go home and get on with their lives. You are still there, unshowered, the next day when they return for another shift. The outside world keeps moving as you stand still. It's hard to handle your daily family life too... our older kids still have school and homework and friends and, well, deserve to be living. Dustin had work but also had to juggle housework, meal times, and the kids too. All while trying to find time to come see Greta and be my support. Like I said, people that have to do this on a regular basis are a new form of celebrity to me.

Greta is slowly getting better. Her throat seems to be hurting more now than it did in the hospital but it may have to do with the healing. Her last dose of antibiotic for the pneumonia is today. Her coughing is much better. My hope is that when this is over the tonsilectomy will cure her apnea and she will not get sick as much. In the upcoming months we shall see... but for now, we wait.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

the end of summer

The hardest part about the end of summer is knowing our lazy days at the lake are over... until next year.


My mom pulled out some old junk last week and let Linus and Greta loose on it with screwdrivers, wrenches and a wire snips. They spent the better part of 2 afternoons taking things apart and saving the pieces in piles. It was the quietest they've been in, well, forever.... except, of course, when they were fighting over the tools.

saying goodbye stinks

This past week we had two tearful goodbyes. Kelsey and Amber both left for college; Kelsey to UMD for another year and Amber to Vancouver to an art school. My family is a pretty close-knit bunch so all of my sibling's kids are closer than typical cousins. My kids, Greta in particular, had a tough time saying goodbye for the school year. Kelsey and Amber have been our main source of babysitting and the kids love to hang around with them. We are already looking forward to Christmas vacation when we get to see them again!

Open House

Another school year about to start means another Open House at school. This year we had 3 rooms to stop in which meant a full night there for us. In each room we chatted with the teacher, filled the desk with school supplies and picked up lots (and lots) of papers. All of the kids like their teachers and are looking forward to the school year... well, as much as kids can look forward to school. :)

Miles will be starting 4th grade, Linus 2nd, and Greta will be in all day kindergarten. I can hardly believe that all 3 kids will be in school this year. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was dropping Miles off at his first day of preschool, a 2 year old Linus and a newborn Greta in tow. Now my baby will be starting kindergarten!!

the Balvins visit

We were very excited to have the Balvins out to my mom and dad's place a couple of weeks ago. It's almost like a summer tradition to us... and a great chance for Steph and I to catch up! The only downside is that Brenton wasn't able to join us but we don't really like him anyway (just jokes B!) The kids swam and fished and played on the swingset. I think my favorite part was watching Izzy and Greta play together. It had been awhile since they were together but they just stuck to each other all day doing all kinds of things... they were so cute!
Now, if I could just talk them into moving back our way...


We took a short "vacation" last week in Otsego to stay at the Holiday Inn that has a waterpark. We started the trip with a stop at Fun City... they have batting cages, mini golf and bumper boats. We played there for awhile and then headed to the hotel. The waterpark is pretty cool... 3 big waterslides, a little river to float on, a mini whirlpool and a kiddie side for the little ones. We stayed 2 nights there and by the time we left I bet we had spent 8 hours total in the pool... we were waterlogged! Definitely worth the money spent!

To the Fair

There are 10 grandchildren on the Youngs side of the family and my dad has taken a turn with each one at the State Fair. This was Greta's year. She was counting down the days, rattling off a list of all of the food she was going to eat and all of the things she was going to see. On opening day of the Fair grandpa came over to pick her up at 7:30 a.m. and they were off. They didn't return until after 3 p.m.... and I think Greta gave grandpa a run for his money. He said that she didn't eat much... just some mini donuts and part of a milkshake.... but her main focus was on the rides. He bought 2 sets of tickets and when they were gone she said "But grandpa, you could just buy more." One other thing that Greta really liked was looking at the horses. They found one in particular who was named Norman that she had a chance to pet and feed a carrot to. I think that if Greta had her way she'd have grandpa bring her next year... and every year after that!

Greta meets her kindergarten teacher

Greta had the chance to meet her kindergarten teacher, Mr. Neumann, a couple of weeks ago. They have each child in to school for an assessment of sorts. She was so excited that she could hardly contain herself! He had sent out an introductory letter before the assessment to tell the kids a little about himself. One thing he mentioned is that he likes Oreo cookies and, without skipping a beat, Greta decided to bring a few into him. I think we have a teacher's pet on our hands!