Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Left Foot

My story isn't as gripping as the movie... although I haven't seen the movie so maybe it is. Anyway, I have a broken foot right now. It started back in early June. I had pain in my left foot for over a week that I had been trying to ignore. It grew steadily worse and so I could no longer put it off... I had to go into the clinic. The doctor looked at my xray and told me I had a small stress fracture. I was verbally chastised for wearing flip flops ("They have no support!") and told to wear firm soled hiking boots or something of the like. Since it was the middle of June (hot!) and I don't really own anything like that (and was not excited to have to hunt through stores to find some) I went to the one person that I thought might be able to get me through: my mom. Everyone that knows her knows that if you need anything, and I mean anything, she will probably be able to suit your needs. She came through for me with an older air boot that I could use until my foot healed.

A couple of days after getting the boot, I was out at my parent's house with the kids. I was picking up before going home and I didn't notice a new landscaping rock in front of me and WHAM!... I had kicked the rock with my boot. White hot pain went through my foot and I almost tossed my cookies. I made it through that night hoping to get back in to see the doctor on Friday morning. Turns out, that doctor isn't in on Fridays and they had no other appointments available that day. If I wanted to be seen before the weekend, it would have to be in the ER.

I went in and had another xray and sure enough, what had been a small fracture was now quite pronounced. I was given crutches and told to go back in to the clinic on Monday to see the ortho specialist. The next few days were torture. I have found out that crutches and I are not soul mates, to say the least. I ended up falling over a few times, usually landing on my face. I may have done more damage to myself by using those blasted things than if I would have just crawled around the house.

The specialist gave me a walking cast/boot and told me to come back in 6 weeks. No more crutches! I had been wearing the boot around 24/7 just like I'd been told and things did not seem to be healing. Then, I was taking the dog out to the bathroom and he saw a leaf bounding across the lawn and it was all over... in one swoop, he lurched toward the leaf and I didn't have a good footing. He pulled me right over, in my front yard, in broad daylight. I had hit my foot going down (and bruised my ego a bit too.) I was back into the clinic shortly after and the doctor told me that there is a good possibility that I will have to have a pin put in to have this heal completely. I'm hoping for the best... that I'll go in 2 weeks from now and they'll let me go sans boot.

For now, I'm thinking of writing my own sitcom based on my life.

a trip to the ER

It was after supper. We had just finished cleaning up and the kids were playing. The boys took Greta's new High School Musical microphone that she got for her birthday and she went running after them. They ran into their bedroom and she, unbeknownst to them, was right on their tails. They slammed the door shut and I heard a blood curdling scream... not one of anger, but one of pain.

Greta came running over to me with blood running down her hand. When I looked at her finger, what I saw wasn't pretty. Her middle finger on her left hand had been slammed in their door. The fingernail, at the bottom where it is usually covered by skin, was popped up and pumping blood out. The other side of her finger had a small cut that was bleeding too. I wasn't sure what to do with the fingernail like that or if her finger had been broken... and so off to urgent care/the ER we went.

We were not the only ones there who had a hand injury. There were 2 other kids there with towels wrapped around their hands. The nurse told us Greta had to be seen in the ER so we took our seats and waited... and waited. Luckily (and it seems funny to say that!), because the fingernail was up and letting the blood out, the pressure wasn't building and Greta wasn't in too much pain.

Once we were brought back, things moved a little quicker. Greta was taken to xray where she charmed the pants off of the xray tech. When he told her to lay her hand on it's side with just her injured finger sticking up she shot him a look of confusion and said "I can't leave just that finger up. That's the bad finger." Thanks to her school age brothers, she knows all about the middle finger. I think she may have made his day... and he made hers when he went around the corner and brought back a small horse beanie baby for her to bring home.

I was happy to hear there were no broken bones and that they would be leaving her fingernail alone. The doctor put a little glue on the nail to keep it from snagging on anything and put a big bandage over the whole finger to keep it padded and safe.

The fingernail may or may not fall off, only time will tell. For now we're going to keep it covered and we'll be heading back to the pediatrician to have it checked out this week.

Unfortunately, kindness from the boys only lasted last night. They kids are already back to battle this morning. You know what they say.... kids are resiliant!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is what my brother Nate bought Greta for her birthday:

...And this is what she's doing with it right now:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Unbelievable. It really is. My baby turns 5 today. I can't seem to remember where all of the hours went. Believe me, there have been days that seemed like years... but 5 years? Really?
I can remember Greta's birthday as if it were yesterday. After weeks of living with a kidney stone and then a stent that only made the pain worse, my OB took pity on me and decided that 37 weeks pregnant was enough. At my regular appointment, I remember him asking "How would you like to have a baby today?"
She came into this world on July 15th rather than the expected due date of August 6th. She was born by c-section rather than the old fashioned way. And in the words of Roald Dahl, "She is a rather extraordinary child."
We traded in our lightsabers and action figures for Barbies and lip gloss. Greta can be as girlie as they come yet she can wrestle the boys down and leave them crying. It amazes me how much she can be like each of her brothers, who are really nothing like each other. Does that even make sense?

Since the minute she was born she has captivated Dustin in a way that is different from the boys. Not to mean that she is the favorite, it's just a different relationship... one that, I suppose, can only be held by a dad and his little girl. What I can tell you is that she is going to have a heck of a time trying to date once she reaches that age. Here's an example that has a little forshadowing intertwined: Greta has had an imaginary friend named Calvin for a little over a year now. A while back, she informed us that Calvin was now her boyfriend and they were going to get married (imagine the look of disdain on Dustin's face!) Calvin seemed to pop into everyday events and conversations frequently ("Calvin lives with us now because his grandpa said he could" and "Calvin doesn't like it when we eat that.", etc.) Then one day a harsh blow came: Greta told Dustin "Calvin can play the drums just like you dad, but his drums can't be broken if you hit them too hard." Ouch. A few days later came another blow: we were at my mom and dad's house on the lake and she looked towards the bay, the deepest part of the lake. She asked "Can I touch the bottom there?" I told her no. "Can Linus and Miles touch?" Again, no. "How about you, mom. Can you touch there?" No. "What about dad?" Once again, no. Then it came... "Guess what? Calvin can touch there." Dustin looked at me and said "Calvin is my nemesis." And so it goes.
That's my girl in a nutshell. A little bit sassy mixed with sweet. She's only 5 and she's already given us a run for our money. I can't really imagine what the future will bring with this one.
Happy birthday Greta!

Friday, July 03, 2009

As far back as I can remember the Dodgers have held a place in my heart. I can remember being very young, my uncle Kim wearing an old, faded Brooklyn Dodgers shirt. I would use my eyes to trace over the cursive letters over and over again.

When the Yankees canned Joe Torre as manager and the Dodgers picked him up I was elated.

I also love a good underdog story.

I wanted so badly for the Dodgers to do well under Torre... if for nothing else, to show those Yankees where they could stuff it.

When Manny was suspended for failing his drug test, I'd like to say I was surprised. Unfortunately, his character has not always been, well, upstanding. I hate the phrase "It's just Manny being Manny." He is an adult, not a 2 year old... although you might not know it by some of the tantrums he throws.

I digress. Back to the underdog.

When Manny was suspended the Dodgers had been doing pretty well. I remember hearing "What will the team do without Manny?" across the board. It seemed like everyone had written them off because one player was missing. The Dodgers have pulled together and pulled off a great underdog story. They have thrived and have a record anyone in baseball would covet. All without their star. The thing I love most about this story is one of the things I love most about baseball: One person, no matter how good they are, cannot make a team or win a championship. It is why the Yankees, no matter how much money they spend on players, don't win the World Series every year. It takes a team to play and a true team to win. Home run hitters will do well for you but small-ball can be equally effective.

I hope that as Manny returns the Dodgers continue to do well. Heck, maybe Manny will even tone it down a bit. I would love to see a Twins/Dodgers World Series.