Monday, September 29, 2008


I started this post a few days ago but I was overcome with the flu. It was violent and I will stop there as to not make anyone else sick by reading details. Anyway, back to the original post...

I am a pretty open person (read: most people know more about me than they want to) but Steph tagged me, so here goes....

Here are the rules:

1.Post the rules on your blog
2.Write 6 random things about yourself
3.Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4.If you are tagged, just do it, and pass the tag along!

1. When I was a kid I wanted to be Laura Ingalls, marry Bo Duke and become a Solid Gold dancer. It only proves that I was nothing if not a big dreamer (with limited television channels.)

2. I love to organize but you'd never guess it by walking into my house. If I had an unlimited budget for organizational supplies and unlimited time, I would be in heaven!

3. I dislike ice cream, and I NEVER eat ketchup, mayo, cheesecake, steak or sour cream (Top the Tater is the only exception.) And I can't remember ever in my life eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Most people think I'm nuts because of this!

4. I have a bizarre memory. I can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order in a matter of seconds but I cannot tell my right hand from my left hand. During my driver's test I had my hands at the "10 and 2" positions and made an L with my left pointer and finger and thumb so I knew which way to turn.

5. I want to meet Angie Smith. This woman is absolutely amazing.

6. I've never enjoyed the typical movies like The Sound of Music. I love scary movies... and I usually get really creeped out by them. Dustin thinks it's funny and tries to scare me with different tactics. I also love documentaries. And pretty much any movie with Morgan Freeman in it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Twins sweep the Sox

It was an awesome game... and Dustin and I were there!

Last night was the last of our 20 season tickets and what a way to go. It had the feeling of a play-off game with the fans on their feet and cheering for the better part of the game.

In an un-christian way (that I'm not necessarily proud of) it was fun to be a part of watching A.J. Pierzynski and Ozzie Guillen sulk off the field. They are 2 of the cockiest guys in baseball and there's something very satisfying in them eating their words.


Monday, September 22, 2008

only Linus

This evening when Linus realized that the doctor had to cut my wedding band off, his face turned very serious and he asked "Does this mean that dad broke up with you?" After I assured him that the wedding ring was only a symbol of marriage he then lit up and said "Mom, make sure you save your ring. Maybe we could send it into that Cash 4 Gold thing we saw on TV!!"

I'm an idiot

The good news is nothing's broken.

Today I accidentally closed the van door on my hand. Although it's not easy to see in the photo, I've got some pretty sweet bruising at the base of my fingers. What you can see is where my ring finger swelled so bad that they had to cut my wedding band off.

Does anyone out there know if my wedding band can be fixed? I don't know if it's something they can melt down or patch or whatever. I'm going to stop typing now because I'm starting to sound like more of an idiot. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

self portrait

We had our first "homework" for Greta's preschool: trace around her body and decorate any way she pleases. She decided that she was going to do the face all by herself... look closely at the eyebrow and teeth. Dustin and I had a hard time containing ourselves when she leaned back and showed us her masterpiece.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

something's missing...

Linus lost one of his front teeth yesterday at school and the other fell out this morning as we were getting ready to go out to the bus.
As a side note, Linus made sure to tell me last night that he thought that Dustin and I were a too stingy with what we give for losing a tooth. He said "Mom, just so you know, Miles and I are getting the least amount of money in the WHOLE school. Some kids get, like, $100 for each tooth they lose."
Reliable information, I'm sure....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my new favorite website

Usually if you want to get coupons or offers online you have to fill out your life history (which is why I never do it.) At you can just pick the coupons you want and print them out. No sign up, no crazy offers to fulfill. Gotta love it!

Friday, September 12, 2008

my new favorite blog

fail owned pwned pictures

The blog is called fail blog and it has a ton of funny posts, like the picture above. It has few questionable ones but definitely worth checking out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


One more reason I love Netflix: you can rent DVD's of old cartoons. Yesterday season 1, disc 1 of The Smurfs came. My kids are enjoying it almost as much as I am. It certainly brings back memories of Saturday mornings (the only time cartoons were on when I was a kid!) Next up in our queue: The Jetsons.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Greta and I stopped at a garage sale and she spotted this Dora house right away. There was also a Dora castle there... and she wanted them both. I told her that we weren't going to spend that much money or buy "big toys" today. She was a little unhappy about passing up such a sweet find but was very good and didn't whine at all. When we went to visit Grandma Pat this afternoon and she heard about the Dora house, she gave Greta the money to go get it. An hour (and lots of hugs and kisses later) we were home... and Greta dove right in!

Happy Birthday Aiden!

For the record, his birthday was yesterday.....

quote of the day

...nothing brings greater happiness in life than to serve a cause greater than yourself.

-John McCain

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to School

Well, we've survived the first days of school. There has been a lot of nervous energy in my house for the past few days but things are starting to settle back into a routine. Miles started 3rd grade, Linus 1st grade and Greta had her first day of preschool. Starting next week there will be 2 days a week when for 2 1/2 hours I will be the only one in my house. Sweet, sweet silence... I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!