Wednesday, August 27, 2008

nearing the end of summer

Every year it's the same. As August winds down, the kids start getting restless... as though their internal clock is anticipating the beginning of school.

We had Open House at school for the boys tonight. It's always fun to meet the teachers and for the kids to check out their new classrooms. They start school on Tuesday and Greta will start preschool on Wednesday.

The kids also had their yearly check-ups today. It was our first time with their new doctor. He was very nice but it we were all a little sad because it wasn't Dr. Welch. Miles and Linus are almost the same height and weight.... and something tells me that before long, Linus could pass Miles up! Greta pulled out all of the stops and even demanded to write her own name, just like Linus was asked to do.

My niece Kelsey left for college today. The kids are really going to miss her (and so will I!) We've got her address and are ready to send a lot of care packages her way.

My mom's surgery went well. Her biggest problem right now is that she has been vomitting often. We're hoping that it is a side effect from the spinal block and that it will stop soon. I'm going to head to the hospital tomorrow to spend some time with her. Hopefully she will be able to come home on Friday.

Monday, August 25, 2008

my 15 minutes

While I was rocking out to Neil Diamond on the way home from the grocery store tonight I was reminded of a time in my youth when I thought that the words from Forever In Blue Jeans were "Reverend Blue Jeans." I pictured Reverend Alden from Little House on the Prairie up in front of the church wearing stonewashed jeans. Seriously.

Many years ago I submitted a few misheard lyrics to a publisher of a book asking for them. Mine were printed in a desktop calendar and in the back my name was printed in the 'thanks to' section. The 2 that I can remember are:

from the Eagles Take it to the Limit - "Take me to the clinic one more time." (supposed to be take it to the limit one more time.)

from Simon & Garfunkel's America - "Captain Picard on the New Jersey turnpike." (supposed to be countin' the cars on the New Jersey turnpike.)

Dustin's sister Brandy also takes the cake with Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love. Instead of "addicted to love" she thought it was "a dip-dip-do love." And in Metallica's Enter Sandman, she thought that "We're off to never-never land" was "rrrraugh never-never land."


Tomorrow morning my mom will be heading to the hospital for knee replacement surgery. This has been years in the making (and really should've been done a long time ago) but she has finally taken the leap and had it scheduled. Let's just say that my phobia of woodticks + my distaste of the dentist x 10 = her fear of this surgery and the pain that could follow. It's a big step and I'm glad that she's going to get it done. Prayers would certainly be welcome, especially since she will have to go through all of this again in a few months for her other knee.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We spent Tuesday at Valleyfair with the kids. Dustin's mom, sister and her 4 kids were with us. This was Linus' first year of riding the "big rides"... and he LOVED it! Greta would've loved them too; she was very upset when I told her she was not tall enough to ride the Corkscrew. She choked back the tears and said "But mom, I'm NOT scared!" Both my boys are wild about the roller coasters and Miles told me he can't wait until next year because he's hoping he'll be tall enough for Steel Venom. I, on the other hand, have realized that I am not a ride person anymore. When I was younger I used to ride the roller coasters from sun up until sundown... this year I almost lost my lunch on the Wild Thing. What has happened to me? I could do without Valleyfair but seeing the sheer joy on my kids' faces while trying to decide what to ride next will keep me going back every year.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Here is my jr. high "posse." Mom - the hair is definitely smaller, but don't they look the same?! It's Melissa, Amy, Genna, Breanna, and Karalee. We're all married and between us there are 13 kids!

The reunion was a lot of fun. I talked the night away and before I knew it, it was past midnight! It was great to reconnect with people that I haven't seen in years. They had slideshows with pictures from high school... I couldn't get over the "big hair" on everyone!

Friday, August 15, 2008

has it really been 15 years?

Tomorrow I will be attending my 15 year high school reunion. My graduating class had 193 people and there are about 100 of them confirmed to be attending tomorrow. It should be fun to reconnect with people I haven't seen or talked to since graduation... I'm planning on taking my camera so I'll have some pictures to share!

In keeping with the theme of high school, I'm going to try to find some old pictures of me and scan them in to post here. That will give everyone a good laugh!

introducing Calvin

My kids have always had active imaginations. All 3 have had imaginary friends throughout the years but none can quite compare to Greta's newest "creation." She introduced us to Calvin, her imaginary boyfriend, this summer. In true father form, Dustin is less than pleased with the idea that his little girl is interested in having a boyfriend. Here are some of the facts that she's shared with us about Calvin:

  • He playes the drums, just like Dustin (although he can hit his as hard as he wants because they can't break.) He also sings in her band.
  • He can touch in the middle of the lake because he is very tall.
  • His age varies, but right now he is 9.
  • He lives with his grandpa when he is not at our house.
  • He has a red car and a black van.
  • He likes to play duck, duck, gray duck and Barbies.

And my favorite?... "Calvin has a ring for me and when I put it on we will be married."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

heard in my house

Greta: "mmmmmmmmmm"
Linus: "Greta, please stop making that noise."
Greta: "mmmmmmmmmmmmm"
Linus: "Greta, stop it!"
Linus: "Greta, stop it... you're so ig-noying!"
Miles: "Linus, do you know what I think is ig-noying? The way you say IG-noying... because it's not IG-noying, it's ANnoying!"


Our t.v. has been on much more often than usual this past week. The Summer Olympics have taken over! I have always enjoyed the Summer more than the Winter Olympics. The favorites in our house are gymnastics (especially men's) and swimming. 3 of my 4 older brothers swam in high school and I can remember many muggy evenings at swim meets cheering them on. We are excited for Michael Phelps as he makes history... and Dustin and I were cheering team USA on as they pulled out the gold medal in the 4 x 100 relay.

The Twins have also kept us on our toes. They can't seem to keep the lead in our division... it seems as though they choke whenever they are in the lead. Dustin and Miles were at the game last night when they lost to the Yankees (BOOOOO!) in extra innings.

I'm excited for Brett Favre and The Jets. I hope he has an awesome year and makes the Packers rue the day they let him go. I haven't kept up with football in the past few years, mostly because I grew tired of the players themselves. I don't know if it's just me but it seems like more of them than not act like overpaid thugs. I'm starting to get the football itch though, so this might be the year to start watching again.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

may the force be with you

Dustin and I got home from Chicago Sunday evening, and on Monday we packed up the family and headed to his sister's house in Hastings. We made a pit stop on the way at the Science Museum for the Star Wars exhibit. Miles had received a gift certificate to go there for his birthday from my brother Ben and his wife Sara.

Here is my two cents about the exhibit: It cost way too much (even with the $25 gift card it cost our family more than $6o to get in) and the admission price didn't include what my kids wanted to do most... go into the replica cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. That would've been another $3 each and we opted to save the cash after spending so much just to enter. There were costumes from the movies and some models of the space ships but it really wasn't too exciting. It was definitely geared for Star Wars junkies, especially older ones who can read long captions about each prop and costume. Linus seemed to be the most excited of our three kids but even his attention dropped after about 20 minutes. Kids enjoy a hands-on exhibit and this definitely wasn't one of those. If there would've been light saber fighting, it would've been a whole different ballgame!


A few fun filled days in Hastings at Dustin's sister's house...

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Dustin and I got back tonight from a weekend in Chicago. The highlight was the Cubs game we went to. It was brutally hot and they lost but it was worth it! We are going to try to plan vacations around baseball in the coming years and see if we can hit all of the ballparks around the country. The Freiwalds were brave enough to stay at our house with the kids... and when we were gone they cleaned our carpets and tiled our bathroom!!.... I think we should leave them with our kids more often... maybe they'll finish our basement for us!