Monday, July 14, 2008

RIP Big Blue

The best seat in our house, the cozy big blue chair, has finally bit the dust. It started to sag about 6 months ago and in the last couple of weeks it started to fall apart...literally. Yesterday Dustin started to take it apart (after pulling me away, kicking and screaming (: ) so we can dispose of it properly.

We've had that chair the entire time that we've been in our house. It has served us in so many ways... I've rocked babies and kids to sleep, comforted them when they were sick, recovered from surgery in that chair. It was Dustin and Greta's special spot to sit together, side by side. It has been a makeshift table for the kids to do puzzles, color and set up their action figures.

Big Blue will be missed. She has been replaced spacially by a smaller, brown cousin (courtesy of the Welch family) but will never be far from our hearts. She is survived by her larger, equally attractive twin, Big Blue Couch.


  1. See, we could have given you our version of "Big Blue"

    It was still rocking strong.

  2. I loved the blue chair. I will miss it too friend.