Saturday, June 28, 2008


While Dustin was at the Willow Arts Conference, he adopted (financially) a boy from Ecuador for our family. Jeffrey is about the same age as Miles so the boys are excited about learning about someone their age from a different country. We have spent some time talking about how different things are here and what a difference even $10 can make for them. I have to add that they were a bit disappointed when they learned that he wasn't physically coming to live with us!

Tonight at bedtime, Linus was saying his prayers: ".... and God, please help Jeffery to be safe and his mom and grandpa to earn money for their family..."

He remembers them every night when he prays. Them, and Becky and random people he thinks of or hears Dustin and I discussing. I love the sweetness of my little guy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

so much going on...

It's been another on of those crazy weeks. Some good, some not so good, and some I just don't know how to feel about.

Dustin was at the Willow Arts Conference last week. He had a really good time and got recharged for the music ministry at church. The kids and I had a good time together while he was gone but couldn't wait to welcome him home! He and the crew in the car he rode in hit some blocked roads on the way home in Wisconsin. There was some flooding there... and it took them quite a bit longer to get home than they anticipated. He crawled into bed at 3:30 a.m. on Friday night.

While he was gone the kids and I went over to the Knier's house to hang out one day. Paul was also at Willow so it was Julie and I and a whole army of kids! While the kids were enjoying some time playing together, Julie taught me how to knit. It is so much fun! It is now my newest obsession... I'm focused on knitting scarves for the Ukraine missions trip. I just hope that the folks over there will appreciate my less-than-perfect attempt at knitting!

The kids and I spent part of Monday afternoon visiting Nicole and Kelly's mom, Becky. She now has her head shaved because her hair started falling out from the chemo treatments. Greta was excited about Becky's "short cut." It was really fun to chat with her and she enjoyed the kids a lot. She has finished her 3rd round of chemo and will go in next week for a scan to see if the cancer has shrunk from the treatments. I am praying that they get some good news... Becky wants so desperately to get to a family reunion in Iowa on the 4th of July... hopefully she will be well enough to travel down there.

My niece Kelsey had her graduation party this past weekend. It was fun but so bizarre to think that she's officially a "grown-up" now. I can't believe that in a few short months she'll be packing up and moving to Duluth to attend college!

Miles and Linus started summer baseball this week. Linus was a little nervous (he has a fear of being hit by the ball) but after the first few pitches he shook it off and did really well. Miles is all business when he's playing... and he loves every minute that he's out there playing.

Miles got some sad news this week. One of his very best friends, Brant, is moving back to Wisconsin. Long story, but basically Brant and his mom and sister have been living in MN for almost 3 years while Brant's dad works in Wisconsin during the week and comes home on the weekends. He's been looking for a job here the whole time and hasn't come up with anything. Their house here has been on the market for 2 years and still hasn't sold. The dad's company is now going to give them a housing allowance so they can rent something over there while they wait for their house to sell here. This is a fantastic move for their family but really hard for Miles to process. He is happy that Brant will get to be with his dad but is really sad about him moving away. They will be around for about 6 more weeks so we have some time to have lots of play dates. Miles and I have decided to make a scrapbook for Brant to take with him when he moves. We have lots of pictures of them together so it should be a fun project for us to work on together.

Next weekend our family will make the trek to Hastings to bury my grandma (and grandpa too.) My grandpa died when I was pregnant with Greta and was cremated. My grandma died this past February and was cremated also. The family decided to wait until now to bury them... I'm not exactly sure why... but my mom's family is about as far from "normal" as you can get. There is going to be a small luncheon at a church in Hastings, and I'm actually excited about going there because it is the same church that my parents were married in. I've never seen it (except in pictures) so I think it will be neat to be there.

Yesterday was my nephew Quinn's 9th birthday. He was so excited about his party that he couldn't sit still . He got presents that he loved... catcher's gear for baseball, a new reel for his fishing pole, and gift cards for Cabellas and a local bait shop. He has turned into quite the baseball player and absolutely loves fishing and camping.

We've been out to my mom and dad's several times already this summer. The kids love the lake and the freedom of running around with their cousins. My parents put a new dock out this year and got another used one from a neighbor that they use as the "fishing dock." It's nice because kids can swim off of one and fish off of the other at the same time because they have enough distance between them. My sister-in-law is working on getting the water trampoline fixed (several holes on the underside needed to be patched) and that should be launched shortly.

I am dying to get to some garage sales... it seems like when I actually have the time to go to some, we can't find any. Maybe tomorrow morning we'll head out and do some serious sale hunting...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

almost sisters

The beautiful blonde in back is Dustin's sister Brandy. Today is her 34th birthday. This sounds cheesy for me to say but she really would be one of my best friends even if I weren't married to her brother. I love this girl!

Friday, June 06, 2008


We spent the better part of yesterday and today at Dustin's mom's house. Dustin's sister Brandy and her two youngest girls are visiting from Fargo. The kids are at an age where they all enjoy playing together... Sophie is 6 months older than Linus and Sydney is 3 months older than Greta. Syd and Greta look more and more like one another every day! We love the time we get to spend with them because visits seem few and far between.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ephesians 4:4-6

Last night was our last small group with the Welch family. We spent our time grilling food, playing the Wii and just hanging out. It is a bittersweet goodbye. This move is good for them... they'll be closer to family, Val will get to journey down a new path in her career, and Chad gets a bigger kitchen. The downside, of course, is that they'll be doing this in another state and we will not be a part of their daily lives. Blogging will keep us up to date with each other and I'm keeping this verse in mind:
There is one body and one spirit - just as you were called to one hope when you were called - one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God, and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.
It seems a shame that as our small group was really just starting to "get it's hands dirty" we are having to let them go... but God has a plan and right now it includes this goodbye.
So, Welch bloggers, keep the posts and pictures coming. And send us your new address too. Lincoln will be receiving regular packages of Smarties to keep Maple Lake fresh in his memory.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

school's out!

Well.... almost. Today is the last day before summer vacation begins! I remember the excitement of the last day of school when I was a kid... 3 months of lazy days, sunshine and endless possibilities!

Round Up

Saturday was the volunteer picnic for church. I have to admit that when I first heard it was going to be in a barn and there was going to be square dancing I wasn't really keen on the idea. To say that I'm not an outdoors person is an understatement and, quite frankly, anytime living things with 4 or more legs outnumber the people I'm not comfortable.

It turned out to be a really good time. The barn had an upstairs with no animals where we ate (KFC...yum!) and chatted. Outside the weather was beautiful and the kids were able to run around and play. When the square dancing started we stayed just long enough to snap some pictures and then headed out to get my nephew Quinn home.

Class of 2020

It's hard to believe but Linus has "graduated" from Kindergarten! On Friday Dustin, Greta and I went to school for the ceremony. The kids sang us a few songs and then received their diplomas (after walking in to pomp and circumstance.) I will miss Linus' teacher a lot... Mrs. Tongen is definitely one in a million. Hopefully when Greta starts kindergarten we will have Mrs. Tongen again!

Como Zoo field trip

Last Thursday (the 29th) I was able to go with the 2nd graders from Maple Lake on their field trip to the Como Zoo. There were enough parent volunteers so that I was able to be in charge of just Miles and his friend Dawson. We spent the day hanging out with one of his other friends, Brant, and his mom. It was a really fun day. The weather didn't look good on the way down - it was downpouring- but (praises to God) it quit raining when we got there and held off the whole time we were outside!