Tuesday, May 27, 2008

weekend update

This weekend was an awesome one. For the first time in a long time, we had no obligations and were free to hang out and get some stuff done outside.

Dustin got his garden planted and a small fence put up around it. It won't be long before we have fresh vegetables growing.

I had a great birthday on Sunday. Nice and low-key, just the way I like it. Dustin and the boys went to Game Stop in Rogers and traded in their GameCube and all of their games. They got $100 for it. Miles and Linus have been saving up for a Wii... they have both been saving their money for awhile now and had another $100 in their piggy banks. Dustin was feeling especially generous Sunday when the guy at Game Stop said that they had a Wii in stock... he let the boys pay their $200 and he gave them the other $50 so they could buy it. They came home so excited... they could hardly wait to get it going. We all took turns creating our "Mii" characters and doing the Wii physical fitness tests.

Dustin and I started watching the 6th season of 24. My nephew has it on DVD and lent it to us. We've watched the first few episodes and it's as good as all of the other seasons so far. I had heard that it wasn't very good so I have been pleasantly surprised. I have to tell you, Jack Bauer is the coolest guy on TV. That guy totally kicks my butt.

Dustin and I also watched Cloverfield because a couple guys from his work said it was good. We both disagreed with them. They told Dustin that it was a little scary too... and Dustin knows that I LOVE a good scary movie. It wasn't scary and it wasn't good.

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday on itunes getting some music thanks to some gift cards I received for my birthday. Dustin got me a sweet ipod touch for Mother's Day/birthday. I love it... but feel like it is way too technological and important to be mine! :)

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