Thursday, May 01, 2008

a little something for everyone

The Brown kids have all been struggling with "intestinal distress" for the last 2 days. This has not been a very fun time. If I would've purchased stock in toilet paper a few days ago we would be rich.

Apparently pickles are in high demand right now. While shopping last night I was surprised to find that every brand of baby dills were sold out.

Greta and I watched the movie Matilda this morning. Easily one of the best kids movies of all time.

Miles and Linus are excited about baseball. They want to do the summer program through community education. I've got to remember to sign them up soon. This means that we'll be at the ball fields 4 nights a week in June and July... not sure if I'm going to enjoy the sweltering humidity so much.

Dustin and I watched Juno last night. It had a few great one liners and had great delivery but over all I wasn't really impressed with the movie. I had heard it was an awesome movie... maybe that's part of the problem... it was built up too much. Plus, the extremely cavalier attitude toward teenage pregnancy made me feel a bit uneasy.

We're fast approaching Miles' 8th birthday. I can hardly believe that he's already 8! We're starting to plan a small party for him and his friends from school. He's excited because it's going to have a Pokemon theme. I can't believe that he's still interested in Pokemon after all of these years.

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