Thursday, May 15, 2008


Happy Birthday Miles!! 8 years old already... where has the time gone?!

You are a great kid. You love anything baseball... Brenton must have rubbed off on you because your 2 favorite teams are the Twins and the Red Sox. You love to read and you asked for math workbooks this past Christmas... you are a natural student and excell in school. You are finally coming out of your shell at school and have made lots of friends! You have even stepped out of your comfort zone and vocally stood up for a few kids on the playground... we are so proud of you for that!! It reminds us of your soft side, how sensitive you can be to others in pain. You are approaching the age where you would rather be with the adults than the "little kids" and are constantly asking "How old do I have to be to ....". Slow it down, kid. You're growing up way too quickly as it is.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We hope you have a fantabulous day!! - The Westrum's

  2. Happy Birthday Miles! We have enjoyed being part of your small group and Cooper has really enjoyed getting to play with you on Tuesday nights.