Monday, March 10, 2008

Dr. Dennis saves the day

We were playing Rock Band last night and in the middle of one of the songs, Miles stopped and said "One of my crowns just fell out." I almost passed out. I hate dental things more than just about anything. It wasn't really bugging him so we put the kids to bed and I called the dentist office this morning. Our pediatric dentist, Dennis Carreras, has 3 offices and is only in Monticello on Wednesdays so I knew that we would have to do some driving if we were lucky enough to get an appointment today. I have to say that we have the greatest group of people at Dentistry for Children! The nice gal on the phone got Miles an appointment at 11:00 in Sartell. As soon as we got to the office we were welcomed by 2 of my favorite dental assistants... I love them because they remember the kids and chat them up while we are there. Then Dr. Dennis (who is soo great with kids) came in and within minutes he had put the crown back on and we were good to go. I love these people... I'm hoping that my kids will grow up to not mind the dentist because of how much fun it is for them to go now.

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