Monday, February 11, 2008

Mighty Putty, Act 1

Good news, bad news.

The good news is that yesterday at church Chad Welch surprised me with a package of Mighty Putty. Who says that a present can't buy friendship? :)

The bad news is that my first attempted fix-up with the Mighty Putty wasn't very successful. On our refrigerator door we have the ice and water thingys. One of our kids was a little overzealous a couple of years ago and pushed the water lever a little too hard and it snapped off. We are still able to get water out of it but it's a real pain. I've kept the broken piece in our junk heap all of this time just hoping that we'd be able to fix it someday. Enter Mighty Putty. I tried to use some of the putty to secure the lever back on. It didn't hold. I'm thinking that I either used too much or didn't let it dry long enough. The lever didn't stay but the putty did so now we have a make-shift putty lever. I think I'm going to try to remove the old putty and re-do it.

My favorite part of Mighty Putty may be in the directions. Not only does it come with a rubber glove for skin sensitivity, it contains the line "After 30-40 minutes the epoxy will harden and form a tenacious bond." There's a word that isn't used enough in our everyday life... tenacious.

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