Thursday, February 28, 2008

Grandma Truax

My mom called this afternoon to let me know that my grandma died today. It was unexpected, although her health has been getting worse lately. Prayers are welcome, especially for my mom. This will certainly be a struggle for her. My hopes are that this will be an avenue for her heart to soften and finally accept Jesus.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

blasts from the past

A couple of news stories have hit close to home. A high school classmate was arrested on drug charges, and the man who is the superintendent of the school where the big bus accident happened last week was the superintendent of Monticello schools when I was there. He was also there when Monticello had it's deadly bus crash in '97.

Lots of prayers are going out to these people.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I should be writing a book about this stuff

My kids have been on a roll lately. This conversation happened a few days ago while Miles and I were working on his guided reading homework. We were reading a book about George Washington and we came upon the word "yearned."

Miles: (giggling) Today in class Sam told me it would be funny if we took the letters "ed" off of that word.
me: (puzzled) You mean to make the word "yearn?"
Miles: (still giggling) Yes.
me: Why is "yearn" funny? Do you know what it means?
Miles: Yeah, it's the little hole on your privates where the pee comes out.
me: Ah, I'm not even sure if that part of your anatomy has a name. Yearn means to want something really bad.
Miles: No, mom. You know... "yearn"... it's on your privates.
me: (as a lightbulb comes on) Do you mean "urine?"
Miles: Oh, yeah, urine.
me: Urine isn't part of your privates. It's another word for pee.
Miles: Well, I guess it really isn't as funny as Sam thought.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

a little under the weather

Greta and I are both suffering from colds. My nose is pretty red from blowing it... I look like I should be in one of those Puffs Plus commercials. Last night I went to bed at 8, right after we put the kids to bed. I can only imagine how attractive I looked with my unshowered hair, chapstick not only on my lips but all around them, and our family's cure-all, Ertel's Famous Butt Creme, under my nose to help with the soreness. For Greta I tried something new last night that worked really well. I heard an old wives tale that if you put Vicks Vapor Rub on feet (then put socks on so it doesn't make a mess) it will clear a kid right up and they will sleep like a baby. Vicks, in and of itself, works to clear just about any stuffy nose. You could probably just open a jar and put it in your kid's room and it would do the trick. But I did this with Greta and it worked WAY better than the decongestant I tried the night before. In fact, she's still sleeping right now.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm not ready for this, #2

I knew it would be coming sooner or later. I suppose it's been put off longer than average because Greta was born via C-section and Miles can remember not being able to be rough with me because of the "owie on my belly." I'm not exactly sure how the conversation started tonight but it went something like this:

Miles: "How were babies born before doctors could take them out of the mom's stomach? They must have used ropes or something?"
Dustin: (trying not to laugh) "They don't use ropes, buddy."
Miles: "Well then how?"
Dustin: "Maybe your mom should explain it because she's a woman."
me: (after giving Dustin "the look" at his cheap cop-out) " Well, some babies are born like Greta and the doctor has to do an operation to take the baby out. And, um...., er.... well, sometimes moms have to push the baby out."
Miles: (short pause, and then in a very serious tone) "Do you push them out of your stomach or out of your butt?"
me: (trying really hard not to laugh - or cry) "Not out of their butt. Moms, well, uh, moms push them out of a place from their privates."
Miles: (longer pause) "Was I born like Greta... you know, from your stomach?"
me: "No."
Miles: "Eeeeewwwwwwwww."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

There are 3 types of holidays to me:
  1. Real holidays - this includes Christmas, etc. where my kids don't have school, Dustin has the day off, and no mail is delivered.
  2. Semi-holidays - these are Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, etc. where the kids sometimes have school, Dustin has to work, but no mail is delivered.
  3. Made up holidays - this includes holidays that, although may celebrate nice things (such as grandparents), are made up by people trying to make money off of the general public. This is where Valentine's Day falls for me.

I don't mean to sound like a party pooper but Dustin and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, at least not in a traditional way. His mom usually offers to watch the kids so we can go out. We don't pass up an opportunity to spend "couple time" together so we accept, but we have our own rules about Valentine's Day. No gifts, no fancy eating. In fact, the very best Valentine's Day we ever had was a couple of years ago. His mom had the kids and he picked up a frozen pizza, a 2 liter of Cherry Coke and a bag of Peanut Butter M-n-M's from the store. We ate and watched a movie together. I get really bothered by a society that tells people (men especially) that they have to buy flowers, gifts and jewelry to show someone they love them.

But enough of my negative-nancy attitude. Here are a few things I like about Valentine's Day:

  1. How excited my kids are to hand out their Valentine cards to their friends. I remember when I was a kid, decorating a shoe box and cutting a hole in the lid for the Valentines to be dropped in.
  2. The way kids usually say Valentines... Balentimes or Valentimes.
  3. The delicious conversation hearts made by Brach's that you can only get this time of year.

Those candies almost make watching sappy jewelry commercials worth it.


I watched a great sermon on Predestination by Mark Driscoll last night. Man, that guy can preach! I'm not 100% sure where I stand on the subject but he is such a passionate speaker, someone I love to listen to. He touched on something that has been nagging at me for a long time... hardened hearts, or more specifically, when the Bible says that God hardened someone's heart. I realize that I am not God and therefore cannot understand God's master plan, but it didn't sit right in my heart that God would be (in what seems to me) cruel and just (in Driscoll's words) "flip a switch" in a person to give them a hard heart. Driscoll uses the case of Pharaoh to illustrate a great point. God sent Moses to Pharaoh over and over again giving him many chances to repent. Each time, Pharaoh got more and more angry, hardening his OWN heart toward God's love. He used the analogy of two people, one who is angry or upset and one who is trying to remedy the situation. The person who is angry will get more and more agitated as the one who is trying to remedy the situation reaches out again and again. In this case, the angry person's heart is hardened by the other person's actions but it of his own doing.

I'm not great at summarizing... this is a sweet sermon, one definitely worth listening to.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

when the Browns babysit...

Jesse and Andrea wonder how we get Aiden to sleep so well at our house....

disclaimer: no actual alcohol was ingested by a minor :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

responding to Linus

When Linus asked me about his "problem" I posted about a few days ago, I did have a short reply for him. I told him to leave it alone; that if he kept touching it, it wouldn't go away as fast. That advice could carry to all of you men out there. :)

This has also reminded me of another uncomfortable/funny situation I was in last week. Dustin's mom's dogs were here, Greta and I were playing. Out of nowhere Gus (the lab) started walking around, (for lack of better words) humping the air. Greta was staring at him and then looked at me and said "What is he doing mom?" I wasn't sure how to answer the question and then Greta solved the problem. She said, "I know, he's dancing. Gus LOVES to dance, right mom?"

Mighty Putty, Act 1

Good news, bad news.

The good news is that yesterday at church Chad Welch surprised me with a package of Mighty Putty. Who says that a present can't buy friendship? :)

The bad news is that my first attempted fix-up with the Mighty Putty wasn't very successful. On our refrigerator door we have the ice and water thingys. One of our kids was a little overzealous a couple of years ago and pushed the water lever a little too hard and it snapped off. We are still able to get water out of it but it's a real pain. I've kept the broken piece in our junk heap all of this time just hoping that we'd be able to fix it someday. Enter Mighty Putty. I tried to use some of the putty to secure the lever back on. It didn't hold. I'm thinking that I either used too much or didn't let it dry long enough. The lever didn't stay but the putty did so now we have a make-shift putty lever. I think I'm going to try to remove the old putty and re-do it.

My favorite part of Mighty Putty may be in the directions. Not only does it come with a rubber glove for skin sensitivity, it contains the line "After 30-40 minutes the epoxy will harden and form a tenacious bond." There's a word that isn't used enough in our everyday life... tenacious.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm not ready for this

From Linus, at the breakfast table this morning: "Argh... mom, why do my privates get big sometimes and I can't push them back down?"

For the first time in a long time I was speechless.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

just one of those days...

Today has been a struggle. Not enough sleep for the past few nights (the kids AND me), a busy week, an extra sassy 3 year old. Dustin got a free ticket to the Wild game so the kids and I went it alone tonight. I have lots to do to get ready for the 2 birthday parties we're having this weekend for Linus. Then tonight I realized that I had to whip up 2 knight costumes for the boys to wear to school tomorrow as part of their "I love to read" month celebration. I'm feeling melancholy because I know my temper was too short with all 3 of them tonight.

I'm also frustrated. I saw the Ears/Nose/Throat doctor yesterday and and I'm back at square one. The fluid in my ears has cleared up but my symptoms remain. I've been having terrible headaches and earaches on and off for several months. In the last month or so they have been constant. I have been to the dentist (tooth pain can sometimes cause these symptoms), to a regular doctor (who tried allergy meds) and now the ENT. I wish people were like cars; you could hook them up to a computer in the shop and it would tell you what needs to be fixed.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Golden Birthday

Today is Linus' golden birthday. I can't believe he's already 6 years old!! Dustin is working from home today because he, Greta and I got to go to school and eat lunch with Linus to celebrate his special day. Tonight we will be having a party... Linus' choice for supper: KFC. In his words, "Chicken.... the kind on the bone so you don't have to use a fork. And bread.... yeah, bread with butter. And potatoes....the kind with GRAVY."

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Why I don't have pets

Dustin's mom left for Hawaii on Monday morning and will be gone until Tuesday evening. We are keeping her dogs at our house for her while she's away. She has 2 dogs: Gus, who is a yellow lab, and Ashes, who looks just like Toto from The Wizard of Oz. Both dogs have been around for longer than Dustin and I have been married so we figured this would be pretty easy (because they're old and just lay around all day.) Neither Dustin nor I are big "pet people" so we should've known it wouldn't be as easy as we were thinking.

Since the dogs have been here, there has been 1 puddle of urine on our basement floor, 2 outside of our bathroom and 1 inside the bathroom. Only one of these happened while we were gone. Our front yard, driveway, and sidewalk are covered in dog poop... I didn't know 2 animals could create so much waste. The real kicker was when we came home from KidStuf tonight... they had tipped our garbage over and dragged it all over the kitchen and dining area.

I do not have the gift of mercy toward animals and I'm trying very hard not to have a bad attitude toward them. Trying....very.....hard. I cannnot wait for Tuesday to come.

Friday, February 01, 2008

It's baaaaack!

Dustin came home from work yesterday with some delicious news... Lost's first new episode of the season was going to be on! After we put the kids to bed we planted ourselves in front of the TV for an hour. We aren't regular watchers of "adult TV", with the exception of Lost and The Office, but since The Office hasn't had any new episodes because of the writer's strike we've been pretty much without tv for a long time.

Let me just say this: Lost is back and it's better than ever!