Friday, June 22, 2007

Busy summer days

The kids and I have been spending most of our weekdays out at my mom and dad's on the lake. Summer vacation means that there are lots of cousins and uncles out there to play with (3 of my brothers live on the same street as my parents and all 3 of them are teachers!) The kids have been swimming, fishing, playing catch, running around... it's been so good to be able to spend most of our hours outside! Here are some of the other things we've been up to:

Miles started his summer baseball league last week. He plays on Monday and Wednesday nights and is loving it. Several of his friends play too, so that is a big bonus. It's fun to watch him... he is all business when he's out there playing.

I brought my niece Amber to take her driver's test this week. She failed by a few points and will have to take it again in a few weeks. Just being with her before she took the test brought me back to the anxieties of being a teenager. Thank goodness I passed the first time I took my driver's test... I don't think I would've made it through a second try!

Amber's sister, Kelsey, came home from Peru yesterday. She was there for a little over a week with her high school. She had a great time but has a severe sunburn on her neck/shoulders that has started to blister. Kelsey brought home a very cute poncho home for Greta that she's been wearing around the house. In the past few years Kelsey has traveled to Belize, Costa Rica, Spain, and now Peru. I told her that when I was 17 the farthest I had been away from home was Wisconsin Dells... that gave her a good laugh!

Our family had a great Father's Day... and I forgot to post a "shout out" to all of you dads out there. I think that in today's society there isn't enough stress put on the importance of fathers and their roles in their kids' lives. So thanks to all of you dads... keep teaching your boys how to be good men and your girls how a good man treats a lady.

I've ordered and received my California pictures from Shutterfly. I'm hoping to start on our CA scrapbook soon. I want to get it all in a book before I start to forget the details. My memory is not as good as it used to be!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Dustin and I went to the Twins game on Friday night. For once, we got there a little early. They were setting up the "homerun derby" where a few people try to hit home runs from mid field and TC (the bear mascot) tries to hit more than them. Dustin told me that the last time he saw the derby, the guys that were going to bat were from th MN Wild. I guess they use the derby as a way to reach the public; like advertising. So anyway, they were announcing the guys that were going to hit and showing their pictures on the giant screen. I couldn't believe that my cousin Caleb was one of them! He has just turned pro in boxing and they were there to promote his fight on June 15th. They call him "Golden" Caleb Truax.

My kids love Caleb. They want to wrestle him any chance they get. The last time we were visiting at my Grandma's he let them try on his boxing gloves and practice a few punches.

I haven't seen Caleb box yet but I think that I'd like to. Boxing has always kind of freaked me out because you're just watching 2 guys pound on each other. His sister told me that he's pretty good and that he doesn't get hit too much so maybe it won't be too hard to watch. I just know that I'd like to support him by going to one of his fights. Who knows, maybe I'll turn into a huge boxing fan!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Linus' lost tooth

When we were at my mom and dad's yesterday, Linus told me he had a loose tooth. I couldn't believe it; Miles didn't lose his first tooth until 1st grade! It couldn't have been more than 3 hours later that he yelled up from the lake "I lost my tooth!" I didn't understand that he meant that he actually lost his tooth. He was swimming at the time and it fell into the lake. He is sure that a fish ate it and that someday when we're cleaning sunfish for a fish fry, we're going to find his tooth in the belly of a fish!

Sorry Andrea, I guess this means that you won't get to see (or hold) his tooth! :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Afew more...

The Getty Center... who would've imagined that within 48 hours I would go from sleeping on a sidewalk to being 12 inches from Van Gogh and Monet?

More pics from CA

Santa Monica Pier

One of the Desperate Housewives houses

The Waterworld show at Universal Studios

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our journey to The Price Is Right

It is only because of my delicious friends that I have this tale to tell....

We landed in LA, got out bags, picked up our rental car and dropped off our stuff at the hotel. Dustin then navigated our way to West Hollywood and landed us at CBS at about midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning (2 a.m. MN time.) We were surprised to see about 300 people already camping out and waiting to get onto the show. There were 2 shows to be taped on Tues. and they had just started to seperate the people into 2 lines; one for each show. After about 1/2 hour of wandering and asking questions we finally found our spot in the line for the correct taping. I think we were numbers 90 and 91. We spent the following hours chatting with the folks around us and laying on the cold cement trying to catch a few zzzzz's. The 2 women in front of us were sisters in their 70's, Marge from Texas and Florine from Florida. They were definitely the highlight of our night. The group behind us was from MN also, 2 moms and several teenage girls. I think Dustin may have slept for about an hour but I was too excited (and a little chilly) to sleep a wink.

At about 6 a.m. they opened the gates and let the people with tickets in. To our dismay, the friends surrounding us only had stand by tickets and had to wait to see if there would be room for them. We were led to some bleacher type benches to wait. They put us in numerical order (of arrival) and we waited for 2 1/2 hours to get wristbands (our real ticket to get into the show.) We were told to come back at 11:45. We could tell that there was some real confusion between the people working there during this process. As we left to go get something to eat we noticed Marge and Florine (as well as our MN friends) still in line waiting to see if they would make it in. From what we could tell, there looked like there was going to be enough room for them and we let them know that. We went up a few blocks and ate at a place called Johnny Rocket.... food never tasted so good! We then went back to the car to make a few calls and drop off the cell phone (no cell phones or cameras are allowed in the studio.)

We headed back to the CBS gates and were put on a different set of benches (still in numerical order.) We filled out a small card with our name, social security #. We held out our ID's and proof of social security # and waited for someone to check them. During this time we met a group of 4 20-somethings that were really fun. One of them was Sye who we found out worked at Griffith Park (one of the sights we wanted to see.) He said they had a few fires and it would be pretty tough to get in so we mentally scratched that sight off of our list of things to do. We were then handed out our official Price Is Right nametags. The consensus of all of the people around us was that the nametag was alone worth the wait! I went to find the bathroom and to see if our friends had made it into the waiting area. I was so excited to see that both Marge and Florine as well as the MN crew were waiting for their nametags! Next, the producers of the show took 12 people at a time, lined them up and did an informal interview. We jokingly called this the firing squad. We were then led to yet another set of benches to wait to get into the studio. I could tell at this point that I wouldn't get called up on stage. As crazy as I am about the show... everyone there felt the same way. Plus, there were several people who were over-the-top (to the point of annoying.) Dustin and I were just hoping that one of our new friends would make it up on the stage!

The doors to the studio were opened and we were led to our seats. We sat about half way up in the middle section. Dustin and I were both amazed at how small the set was. The stage wasn't much bigger than the one from church. After everyone was seated the announcer talked for a few minutes, almost like a stand-up routine.

They started taping and it was almost impossible to hear anything that was being said. They had cue cards with the names of the people that were to "come on down!" When they announced Bob Barker the noise was deafening! I was so excited (and sleep deprived) that I was weak in the knees. We couldn't hear much of what was being said so we were just yelling out random numbers (I shouted ONE DOLLAR! more times then I can count!) During the commercial breaks Bob (I feel I can call him by his first name now) answered questions... he is still as sharp as a whip and seems like a pretty genuine guy. Someone asked him to say his infamous line from Happy Gilmore and he did. I had my hand raised high... I was going to ask him if I could come up and give him a kiss on the cheek... but I didn't get the chance. I couldn't believe how fast the show progressed. It seemed in no time we were already to the final showcases. Dust and I couldn't believe it when we watched one guy carry the showcase podiums up and set them down. On TV they look like big heavy things and this guy was almost throwing them around.

After the taping we went back outside, said goodbye to our new friends and headed back to the hotel completely exhausted. We were in bed, asleep by 8 p.m. Dustin and I both agree that this was a great experience that we wouldn't trade for anything. We met some amazing people and were in the audience for one of Bob Barker's final shows. Our only disappointment was that none of the cool people that we met were called on stage. We were so hoping that Marge or Florine would make it up there. But I have to say it really was a once in a lifetime kind of thing!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A dream realized

We had an unbelievable trip! I will give the longer story later but short story is: we got into The Price Is Right after spending Monday night on the sidewalk of West Hollywood. Neither Dustin or I were called up onto the stage (there were A LOT of crazy fans there!) but it was worth every minute! Our show will be aired this Wednesday at 10 a.m. on CBS. A girl that was sitting right behind us in the audience (with a yellow shirt) was called up on stage during the second half of the show so there's a very good chance that you will se our mugs on TV! We were sitting in the middle section just about half way up. More to come...