Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Test results: NORMAL!!

The doctor called and said Greta's sweat test was normal! Praise God! I feel like a semi truck has been lifted off of my shoulders (and heart!) They had said all along that the chances of her having Cystic Fibrosis were small but the fact that she needed to be tested was scary. I'm soooo relieved to have this last week behind us! She is recovering from surgery in the most awesome way; today she is running around, laughing and playing like nothing ever happened.

I can't thank everyone enough for the prayers, kind words, offers for meals and kid-watching. Our family has been so blessed to have people like you in our life!


  1. PRAISE GOD! That is awesome news.

  2. valerie welch7:56 PM

    So happy to hear this, I've been thinking about little Greta and her surgery especially, the sweat test was a footnote for me medically but not to a parent!
    I had a weird thought when I saw her picture, which I guess reflects how I was raised in the South where a girl's looks are everything.
    I thought, "Well, she's probably not feeling good, but at least Margaret can style her hair now, that's a plus!"
    Crazy, huh? Give her a hug for me.

  3. As Homer Simpson puts it. "WOOO HOOO!!!!!'