Monday, September 04, 2006

Linus goes to the Fair

Last Monday Linus went to the State Fair with my dad. Grandpa started this tradition many years ago when his first grandchild was about 5 years old. Each year he takes one grandchild (a little bit of "special time.") Linus is the 9th granchild, with only Greta left. It will be a few years before she gets her turn.

For the last month or so Linus has been talking about the Fair. He listed all of the delicious food he was going to eat and all of the rides he was going to have Grandpa take him on. Well, he did go on most of the rides but when it came to the food it was a different story. My dad said that the only thing Linus asked for the entire time were snow cones. He said that every time Linus finished one (which, knowing Linus, probably took 45 minutes!) he would ask for another. The funny thing is that Linus loves food and eats just about anything. He loves olives (black and green), raw onions, green peppers, mushrooms, etc. I had to laugh when Grandpa said he wasn't even interested in the french fries there!

I (and my kids) are just so blessed to have a dad/grandpa that is so awesome. I sent a disposable camera along with my dad to take pictures... I can't wait to get them developed and to scrapbook such great memories for Linus!

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