Sunday, July 30, 2006

Best week ever comes to a close

Let me start this post off by praising the Lord for central air conditioning. I'm not sure if I would be alive today without it!

This last week has been so awesome! Dustin used some vacation days and had the whole week off. The kids and I really enjoyed having him around all week. We spent several days at his sister's house in Hastings, mostly lounging in the pool. Miles can now swim underwater, a huge feat considering at the beginning of the summer he wouldn't even get his face wet! Miles and Linus both loved having their dad around to play. They worked a little on riding bikes without training wheels, visited the public library to get some books, baked some bread and even went to go see Superman in the theater.

We're all a little down because life resumes tomorrow when Dustin goes back to work. I'm already looking forward to Christmastime when he can take some more time off!

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  1. I hear ya friend- I am so sorry that you have to go at it again alone, but I am ready hang out and keep our kids occupied. Life really is better when the dad's are around.