Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Calgon, take me away!

I'll start this post with a funny, related story about Linus (I know John loves these!) So... we only have 1 bathroom in our house and my boys are famous for waiting until they are going to burst before going in there. Sometime in the last year, I can't remember exactly when it was, Miles had just sat down to go "#2." At that moment, Linus came running up to me and announced "Moooom, I have to go poop!!!" I said "Miles just went in there so you're going to have to squeeze your cheeks, dude." I looked over at him and there he was, hands planted on his face, squeezing as hard as he could asking "How is this supposed to help?"

Anyway, we've come to the stage where he is having accidents in his pants. From what I hear it's something that happens to a lot of kids, but usually it is brought on by some life change (starting school, new sibling, etc.) He isn't experiencing any of that. The funny thing is that when we first started potty training him when he turned 3, he took to it very well and didn't have any accidents that I can remember. Maybe this is payback for easy potty training? :)

Pray for my sanity and for patience. This too shall pass.

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  1. Oh girlfriend! I feel your pain!! Nico seems to have several accidents randomly! He goes for quite awhile and then boom, for like a week and half - accidents everywhere. I guess I will just need to be patient and trust that it will all be fine some day!