Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer begins!

We have had a crazy week. Along with all of the usual holiday weekend stuff, we had Linus' last day of preschool and Miles' kindergarten graduation.

Yesterday Dustin, Greta and I spent the afternoon at preschool with Linus to celebrate his last day. It was "Derby Day" and the kids got to bring their bikes to school to ride out by the playground. It was mass chaos with 20 four year olds riding aimlessly around but they had a great time.

Today Dustin, Linus, Greta and I went to Miles' graduation ceremony. They had graduation caps on, sang a few short songs and then got their "diploma." It was pretty darn cute. When it was over Miles told me that being up in front of everyone made him sick to his stomach.

Tomorrow is Miles' last day of school and then summer vacation begins! The end of this school year is a little bittersweet because his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Weber, is leaving Maple Lake to teach third grade at a different school. Anyone that knows Miles understands how shy and reserved he can be in group settings and we were extremely blessed to have such a great teacher for him this year.

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  1. Time flies! I was thinking while Nico was stepping onto the bus this morning, wow - it is the last day of school, already?!