Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another post bragging about my husband

Thanks for all of the prayers that went out for Dustin and his big work project last week! He didn't actually finish but got a big chunk done, enough so that the people who have to test the website can start while Dustin and his team finish.

He has pretty much finished up the Quarry worship website which is my main reason for writing today. He started sometime in March and has put something like 40 hours into it. Dustin created it so that the worship team will all have access to the music, who's scheduled for what week, and practice times and places. I think one of the coolest things is that they can download the music from the site... now no one has to be in charge of making copies of a cd and being sure each person has it.

I'm sure that there will be a few kinks to work out but I'm certain that this website will be a huge blessing.

Way to go, babe!

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